Connect with more wholesale food suppliers than ever before

With features that are fast and flexible you can easily manage and track your wholesale orders from any supplier in just a few clicks.

Set up and order with
unlimited suppliers

Our flexible, user-friendly order management system works across the web, iOS and Android apps, allowing orders to be placed and managed anytime, anywhere.
Access to suppliers

TOM connects you with the best food suppliers across the country. It also saves you time spent on admin by letting you track online orders from your chosen food supplier. That means greater access to wholesalers, more order visibility, and less time and stress wasted on inefficient admin tasks.

Manage supplier credits

With TOM you’ll have confidence in your value exchange with easy credit requests at your fingertips. Giving you a better return on spend with your wholesale food supplier and taking out the manual management of paper receipts.

Rapidly reconcile invoices

Experience greater visibility and mobility of your suppliers credit balance with our all-in-one platform that offers quick and easy reconciliation of invoices and credits, whenever and wherever you want.

Finance integration

TOM seamlessly integrates with your finance system. The data from your online orders feeds  into your financial system to provide a painless, and error-free experience and less time spent on back office admin.

Automatic payment

Control when and how you pay for online orders without the headache of overdue invoices. Automatic payment enables you to pay approved invoices on time and focus on the important stuff like serving your customers.

Pricing plans

Plans for you

Sign up now and enjoy 30-day free trial on our premium plan. No credit card required. You can choose your plan anytime before your trial is expires.


Per month
Get started and try TOM out for free! Add your suppliers and start ordering today.
70 orders / month
Unlimited users
Place orders with ANY supplier
Reconcile & approve invoices
Access to dashboard
Order tracking


Per month
Are you a smaller-scale business and want access to a smart, simple and cost-efficient ordering software.
150 orders / month
Unlimited users
Place orders with ANY supplier
Reconclie & approve invoices
Access to dashboard
Order tracking
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Per month
If you need access to more suppliers & features.
500 orders / month
Unlimited users
Starter +
Online payment options
Financial uploading

Premium Pro

Per month
Get everything including real time data of what you're buying and who you're buying it from
Unlimited orders / month
Unlimited users
Premium +
Financial Integration
Standing orders & Reminders
Reporting & Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my supplier isn’t on TOM?

TOM is unrestricted meaning you can add ANY supplier and place orders with them.

Once you have set up your suppliers and placed your order it will send that supplier an email, you will need to add the suppliers order email address when you set them up.

How do I set up new supplier?

-Log into your account
-Go to Supplier Management
-Add suppliers
-Enter the supplier details (remember to add the order email address so your order goes to the right place to be processed)
-Hit 'Add supplier' and start ordering

*For a more immersive experience you can upload your suppliers product/pantry list or
use our scrap book function by typing in product name, UOM and Quantity*

What device works best to place orders?

Essentially TOM works on any device such as phone, tablet, PC or laptop.

Log in via our website or download our app.

To download the App go to the App or or Play store and search for “TOM Business’ on the links:

App Store: Download
Play Store: Download

Can I add a credit card for payment?

Yes, under the ‘Payment’ section in supplier management you can securely add your credit card.  

This will charge the card base on the supplier terms which you can see in the payment section.

The supplier has to accept this option to be able to receive payment based on terms, if your supplier handshake isn’t green, please contact your supplier directly for payments or request they use TOM.

How do I know if my supplier has an Minimum Order Amount (MOA)

To see if you have a MOA visit the ‘Advance’ section in supplier management it will show an amount.

This will only apply to suppliers who are on TOM, if you have set up your supplier to be able to send orders, please ensure you contact them to ensure you understand any requirements.