At TOMSoft, we care about your business

There are more than 440 million small and medium businesses in the global economy and they employ more than a billion people. These companies form the very heart of our society and drive economic growth.

TOM was created for suppliers and customers venues in the Australian food industry because we understand the challenges the market faces and are passionate about making continuous improvements.

Make a difference everyday

We focus on solutions. We push ourselves to be our best every day. We believe in an impactful future, where we can make a difference by helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

TOM is made up of amazing individuals. Together, however, we achieve greatness. We look for equal parts humility and ambition in any person or organization we partner with, and work hard to help our customers and suppliers achieve their goals.

Our Mission

Tomsoft is passionate about simple but powerful software which can help businesses streamline their processes, minimise errors and boost their efficiency. By developing reliable and easy-to-use TOM online ordering system, Tomsoft can offer both customers and suppliers a complete solution for their business needs.

Become a Supplier of the Future

TOM is a simple yet powerful platform to help businesses streamline their processes, reduce errors and increase their efficiency.

I began developing TOM (Total Order Management) 20 years ago to manage my wholesale fruit & vegetable business, Yarra Valley Farms.

Having both experience in the foodservice and software professions, I noticed a gap in the market as my accounting software did not offer the tools needed to grow my business, whilst larger accounting packages were simply out of reach due to cost and complexities around implementation.

As Yarra Valley Farms grew, so did TOM's features to help us create efficiencies and get greater visibility of our performance. It also gave our thousands of customers an easy to use online ordering platform that meant they could place orders anywhere, anytime on any device.

With the sale of Yarra Valley Farms and my exit from foodservice, we can now offer this powerful but simple solution to the industry at large.

With years of knowledge and experience in both industries, my team and I understand that sometimes adding anything new to your business can be challenging.

The power of TOM is it that it was built for foodservice with a focus on simplicity. All the features you could ever need are ready to go.

However fast or slow you roll those features out, our team will be there to support you every step of the way.

We look forward to building a better business with you.

Bill Kollatos
Managing Director